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It was in Bethlehem

that a birth changed the world,
the desert dry, and people

hoping for rain but none fell.
Suddenly out of evening shadows,

a man walked the dusty road.
He was tired from too many miles of travel.

Beside him, his wife straddled a donkey.
She was uncomfortable and about to give birth.

They stopped as soon as they could, having been
ordered by the king—like everyone else—

to report to Bethlehem to pay taxes.  Night came
in relative silence, everyone weary, huddled together.

Distant stars shone from a cold, gray sky.
Strangers looked on, while that dear Virgin

labored in a small barn.  And about midnight,
a baby boy was born with nothing unusual

about the delivery.  The mother nursed her neonate,
hummed to Him softly, while impoverished shepherds

herded sheep in fields of sand.  And when those shepherds
saw His star as a sign, they went to bow before Him

in an act so humble that even today
some deny God actually came.

I was on the Joseph Milford Poetry Show last Friday, November 9.  Here’s the recording.

I read from Seriously Dangerous (also available on,  Mansion of Memory (a few copies available from me),  Better With Friends, and my new (in progress) manuscript, Red Berries From the Mountain Ash.

Many thanks to Joe Milford.

Many thanks to Michael Lee Johnson, who has posted a new interview with me on Interviews Poets, Writers.  Check it out.

While I was gone to visit my family in Joplin, MO,

I had two poems, “There’s “nothing new under the sun,” and Rail fanning,” published in Rusty Truck

Val made sure our poems from 16 poets came up correctly on The Dead Mule


I had a poetry reading in Joplin.

Featured Poet

Popcorn and Poetry

Dining Room

Foxberry Terrace

4316 N. St Louis Avenue

Webb City, MO 64870

Friday, August 3, 2012 2:30 pm

Now we’re back.  Do poets ever rest?  🙂

I have four new poems in Thunder Sandwich #27, thanks to editor Jim Chandler.

Other poems in this issue are by Dead Mule poets Carter Monroe, Harry Calhoun, and Cousin Curtis Dunlap.

My poem, ” Part of the cross,” was published in Clementine Issue 5.

Thanks to editor Jeffery Berg.

I’ll be reading from and selling copies of Mansion of Memory this Friday May 18 at 7 pm at Poetry Lincolnton.


$11.  All profits go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.  Please join us, if you are in the area.

Just how can it be May 10 already?

From today until March 20, you can get the kindle version of Donna Walker-Nixon’s novel Canaan’s Oothoon for free. Sounds like a plan.

Synopsis of Canaan’s Oothoon:

A bad seed blows into Allard’s Crossing, Texas. Canaan Watson is beyond anything the women of this little town have seen. Brash and daring, he believes himself to be the reincarnation of poet William Blake and that he is destined to find his perfect mate – his Oothoon – to create his new world order. Cautious, but strangely attracted, some of the local women fall under his spell: Emma Mae, an elderly woman who wants nothing more than to talk to her deceased daughter through a medium; Lura, the Pentecostal woman who wants to feel the kind of love he offers; and Maria Elena, the vulnerable teenage granddaughter of Bonnie Hobbs. An ‘Oothoon’, according to Canaan, is the kind of woman who can cast off middle class propriety and give into her own sexuality but Bonnie Hobbs knows that’s just a load of manure he uses to cast his spell over the gullible and unwary.

Bonnie is one tough grandma and she’s seen the likes of this good-for-nothing Canaan before. When he shacks up with Lura, it’s proof to Bonnie that he’s worthless and not to be trusted, but Bonnie seems to be alone in her conviction. Soon her cousin Emma May gets sucked into Canaan’s lies when he leads her to believe that for an ongoing sum of money she can really communicate with her deceased daughter. As the women around her are slowly drawn into his web, Bonnie tries to protect her land, her friends and even her own granddaughter from his evil schemes but is it already too late?

March 2023