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Many thanks to Michael Lee Johnson, who has posted a new interview with me on Interviews Poets, Writers.  Check it out.

Collin Kelley interviews me on Modern Confessional.

Sherry Chandler has posted an in-depth analysis of my poem “Essence of Orange” on her blog. 

The poem is from my book Seriously Dangerous (Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2011).


“What I want to do here, instead of that kind of review [one of the overall book], is to spend some time with my favorite poem in Seriously Dangerous. It’s a poem I love for its strong imagery, its sensual and emotional content, but it’s not a poem that I think I ‘understand’ in a way that would let me paraphrase it. It is, in short, the very definition of a poem.”  Read more

Many thanks to Sherry Chandler for offering this analysis.

Okay, so it’s been a while since I posted.

After “Corn Ride” was published in the Summer 2010 Willows Wept Review, Eric Dieterle posted some kind comments concerning the poem.


My short story, “Memories of a Joplin Bum,” was published in Fried Chicken and Coffee.


Remember Miki, the French artist who lives in Spain?  I wrote ekphrasic poems to several of her lovely paintings a few years ago.

Well, Miki and her friends have started a site, Eastelspace. com, where poets and artist can meet.  I joined at Miki’s invitation.

And Miki created a picture, “Helen Losse,” to which I replied with a poem, “Helen Walks In the Mountains.” Scroll down to read the poem.


Three of my poems have been published in Poets For Living Waters.


And last night I found out my poem, “It should be obvious,” has been nominated by Redheaded Stepchild for a Best of the Net Award.


Meanwhile, I’ve submitted Seriously Dangerous for consideration for publication, given thought to the Dead Mule’s nominations for Best of the Net, written a few new poems and submitted a couple.

I‘ll be reading from Better With Friends (Rank Stranger Press, 2009) at the Tate Street Coffeehouse in Greensboro, NC next Saturday.  So join me (in the open mic), if you can. I’ll also be reading at the East Bay Meeting House in Charleston, SC  (Monday Night Blues) on September 27. I’ll have copies of Better With Friends for sale at both locations.

Another possible event is in the planning stage.  🙂


And it’s almost time to get back to work accepting more great poetry for the Dead Mule.  Next poetry issue goes live October 5.  Bye, bye, sabbatical.  🙂  Bring on the fall.


Many thanks to Robert Brewer for interviewing me on Poetic Asides. The manuscript that was called Seriously Dangerous in the interview is now Violets On the Wind.

I just found out from Jessie Carty that my poem “Recorded In Time” published by  Shape of a Box passed 2000 hits today.

Thank you, Jessie.


My blog buddy EarthPal—and yes, she has a name—just posted a review of Better With Friends.

Thank you, EarthPal.

Curtis Dunlap has posted a photo of me working and one of my favorite poems “Voices” (first published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature long before I joined the staff) to his “Poets and Poems”series on his blog, Blogging Along Tobacco Road.

He also reminds everyone that I’ll be reading and signing copies of Better With Friends at 7:30 pm today in Room 204 of the Z Smith Reynolds Library at Wake Forest University.  Hope to see some of you there.

I have a review of Collin Kelley’s novel Conquering Venus in A New Book Review.  Please visit and leave comments.

My book review of Pris Campbell’s new book, Sea Trails and 1977 Passage Notes, is now online at Blogcritics.

Pris Campbell is a poet, who has been published in the Dead Mule, among other places. Read her chapbook, Songs in the Night, published in the Dead Mule. Another chapbook, Abrasions was first published by Rank Stranger Press.

Pris blogs at Songs to a Midnight Sky.

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