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My full-length poetry book, Seriously Dangerous (Main Street Rag, 2011), is on the long list for a SIBA Book Award.

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Martyred At the Lorraine

I can see Martin.
On that balcony.

Hosea.  Jesse.  Martin.  Ralph.

But you will say,
my mind is playing tricks.

That was the night before,
right?  Before
he gave that speech
to those garbage men,

going to Mason’s Chapel in pouring rain,
tired as he was.

Sure he would march.
But who would guess,
his final speech

would come in Memphis?

The baritone softly hums “Precious Lord,”
 and he smiles.

Wrong again.
That was the day

it happened.

I can see Martin.
At that Negro motel.

He throws out his chest,
waves his hand as he speaks,

into the nip of an April twilight,
perhaps picturing his “four little children”:

a robust man, he tells
of what he sees atop the mountain—

in the land beyond,

in the view.

“Oh! . . . ”

The bullet pierced its intended,
and Ralph gently cradled
Martin’s dying head.  Who, now,
will choose redemption,

suffering—to implement the dream?

I see Martin carried.
From the Lorraine.

A widening pool of still-warm blood
turns brown.

Helen Losse, “Making All Things New: The Redemptive Value of Unmerited Suffering in the Life and Works of Martin Luther King Jr.,” MALS thesis (Wake Forest University, 2000).


We honor King by continuing the battle against racism, poverty, and war.  Otherwise, he died for nothing.  This is a Christian battle; I kid you not.


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I am the featured poet today on “Poetry Friday” a weekly feature on Women’s Voices For Change: Redefining Life After 40 Read a couple of my poems from Seriously Dangerous and hear a video of an older poem, “The Eagle at Sunset,”  that was included in Literary Trails of the North Carolina Piedmont.  Then peruse the magazine’s contents and archives for other interesting articles.

Many thanks to Laura Sillerman for requesting these poems.

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House proposes ridiculous cuts. Senate refuses to vote for cuts. Threat to shut down government. House proposes short-term funding bill. Senate agrees.

House proposes ridiculous cuts.…

You don’t think this is a Republican ploy to keep from passing any of Obama’s proposed health care, etc., do you?

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