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Many thanks to Michael Lee Johnson, who has posted a new interview with me on Interviews Poets, Writers.  Check it out.

I had poem “Stopping Twice For Water” in The Montucky Review,  “Cell Phone Momma Goes Shopping” in Referential Magazine, and a reprint of “Seriously Dangerous” in Wild Goose Poetry Review.

And I published 20 poets in the Dead Mule.  Love that photo on the home page.

So read up!!

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Similes about fountains
and just who bought the fireworks
don’t really matter. But I refuse
to rename our parents
with names we didn’t use
or to pretend patriotism was our goal,
above family.

Mummy’s potato salad—
always requested & always made
in Paw’s old Tom & Jerry bowl—
became an important part of our Family 4th.
We all gathered at Michael’s about three,
so our kids could get in the pool.
The pool was a stock tank bought by our parents.

Of course, we had a cookout:
hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon,
the works.  Someone always prayed before
we ate. And we were silently thankful
we were a family together.
No one mentioned independence,

but sometimes we relived family memories
like wearing Indian shoes, while pounding
crazy hammers overloaded with caps
& having to wait for Daddy to retrieve
multi-colored feather-tops from the roof,
after work.

Often there was a rain delay.
We waited forever for dark every year—
chatting & laughing—
before we decided which kids
were old enough to be trusted
with matches and punk.

published in The Broad River Review

Many thanks to Robert Brewer for interviewing me on Poetic Asides. The manuscript that was called Seriously Dangerous in the interview is now Violets On the Wind.

I’ve been compiling a chapbook, thinking.  It’s been over two years since I’ve had a new one come out.  It’s about time.

So, what have I been doing lately?  Aside from working on the Mule.

Before I was the Poetry Editor for the Dead Mule, I was a poet on the Dead MuleHere’s the poem that started it all—one of my favorites, “Voices.”

I’m taking inventory.  Okay.

In 2008, I had 28 poems published in 9 different Litmags or Journals.

“Deep Purple Shadow,” Right Hand Pointing, (January 2008).

“The Storm We Encountered,” Ghoti, (Winter 2008).

“Opening the Floodgates,” Blue Fifth Review, (Winter 2008).

“Autobiography,” Left Facing Bird, (April 2008).

“Concerning the Amputee,” Left Facing Bird, (April 2008). Blog May 2008.

“Freedom of Expression,” Left Facing Bird, (April 2008).

“Nightmare In Purple,” Left Facing Bird, (April 2008).

“Vicarious Living” Left Facing Bird, (April 2008). Blog May 2008.

“Waking Dream Right Hand Pointing, Very, Very Short Issue, (May 2008).

“Freedom,” Right Hand Pointing, Very, Very Short Issue, (May 2008). Blog June 2008.

“Highlights,” Muscadine Lines, (May/June 2008).

“Needed In Train, Song, and Light” The Centrifugal Eye, (May 2008).

“But Why Deer?” Blue Fifth Review, (Spring Supplement 2008).

“Thunder and Blue Socks,” Blue Fifth Review, (Spring Supplement 2008).

“Clarification,” Blue Fifth Review, (Spring Supplement 2008).

“Seriously Dangerous,” Poetry Friends , (June 30, 2008).

“Nothing, Without Memories,” The Cherry Blossom Review, (Summer 2008).

“Over the Atlantic,” The Wild Goose Poetry Review (summer 2008).

“But Not From the Dark Side,” Poetry Friends, (October 9, 2008).

“Dominance of Pink,” Right Hand Pointing, (November 2008).

“The Mirror’s Reply,” The Wild Goose Poetry Review, (Fall/Winter 2008).

“Sweet-Pea, Under the Stars,” The Wild Goose Poetry Review, (Fall/Winter 2008).

“Queen Anne’s Lace,” The Wild Goose Poetry Review, (Fall/Winter 2008).

and in 2009 in a 10th Journal.

“Recorded In Time,” “Shape Of a Box,” Folded Word Press (January 2009).

Guess I don’t spend all my time doing Mule work.

But come February 1, the Dead Mule will be publishing 7 poets and in March, 6 more (so far).  Then in April, we’ll publish our big poetry issue with 14 confirmed and the list is growing beyond Shelby Stephenson, Corey Mesler, Jessie Carty, and Marjory Wentworth, Poet Laureate of South Carolina.

Still I’m thinking chapbook, first book, Pushcart.  Guess I still hear those voices, while Val MacEwan, the Mule editor, is with Spencer, rewriting Washington’s history at Mental Kudzu.

January 2023