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I was on the Joseph Milford Poetry Show last Friday, November 9.  Here’s the recording.

I read from Seriously Dangerous (also available on,  Mansion of Memory (a few copies available from me),  Better With Friends, and my new (in progress) manuscript, Red Berries From the Mountain Ash.

Many thanks to Joe Milford.

Many thanks to Michael Lee Johnson, who has posted a new interview with me on Interviews Poets, Writers.  Check it out.

While I was gone to visit my family in Joplin, MO,

I had two poems, “There’s “nothing new under the sun,” and Rail fanning,” published in Rusty Truck

Val made sure our poems from 16 poets came up correctly on The Dead Mule


I had a poetry reading in Joplin.

Featured Poet

Popcorn and Poetry

Dining Room

Foxberry Terrace

4316 N. St Louis Avenue

Webb City, MO 64870

Friday, August 3, 2012 2:30 pm

Now we’re back.  Do poets ever rest?  🙂

I’ll be reading from and selling copies of Mansion of Memory this Friday May 18 at 7 pm at Poetry Lincolnton.


$11.  All profits go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.  Please join us, if you are in the area.

Bill and I went to Raleigh yesterday for the purpose of me reading at Royal Bean Coffee House to promote Mansion of Memory.  The monthly reading, headed by Maureen Sherbondy and co-sponsored by Main Street Rag, put us in touch with a great group of writers.  And I sold five copies of my chapbook.

I still have copies, so let me know, if you want one.


While we were in Raleigh, we decided to take in a few sights.  First we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art.  We’d been there before but not for several years and my, has the gallery grown.  There are two new buildings in which the permanent collection is displayed.  We understand they opened about two years ago, but they were new to us.  One houses modern art and the other more historical and classical pieces, some by very famous artists.  There is an entire section devoted to Rodin.

Later we slipped in to Scared Heart Cathedral.  Not large by cathedral standards, this church had lovely stained glass windows and three dimensional carvings for the Stations of the Cross.  We also drove through Historic Oakwood and located rails and the Amtrac Station.  After that, it was time to head to Royal Bean.

A good but tiring day!

I will be the featured reader Thursday, May 3, 2012  7 pm at 

Royal Bean Coffee House

3801- 137 Hillsborough Street

Raleigh, NC

(across street from Meredith College)

followed by Open Mic.


Please join me. 



Get your copy of Mansion of Memory.


$11.  All profits go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.

I’ll be a Featured Reader, followed by an open mic, this Thursday, April 26, 2012  at 7 pm at Concord Writers’ Night Out at Dilworth Coffee located at 350 George W. Liles, Suite 110, Concord, NC 28127.  This will be my first reading from Mansion of Memory. Please join us, if you are in the area.

Mansion of Memory will be available for $11.  All profits will go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.  Copies are still available by mail for $13 including postage.

Next week the second phase of promotion for Mansion of Memory Begins.


During this phase, I will be reading at several sites.  If you live in NC, please plan to join me for one of these readings.  Copies of Mansion of Memory are $11.

Thursday, April 26, 2012  7-9 pm
Concord Writers’ Night Out
Dilworth Coffee
350 George W. Liles
Suite 110
Concord, NC 28127


Thursday, May 3, 2012  7 pm
Royal Bean Coffee House
3801- 137 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC
(across street from Meredith College)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012   5:30 pm
Poetry Hickory
Taste Full Beans Coffeehouse
Hickory, NC


Friday, May 18, 2012 7-9 pm
Poetry Lincolnton
Lincoln Cultural Center
403 East Main Street
Lincolnton, NC 28092
(large meeting room on second floor)

You can, of course, still order copies of Mansion of Memory directly from me for $13 (includes shipping)

All profits go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.



Copies of Mansion of Memory are still available.  $13 including postage.  Proceeds to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.  Contact me for address.


Of course it all begins in innocence.  A child’s fascination with her own ability to twirl a washcloth over water, a sense of power from mastering the climbing of a mulberry tree, images of life before the storm.  Even that early, though, one can’t help but feel the ominous presence of power looming in things, power that enchants and moves, but also endangers, and sometimes destroys.  —Scott Owens, author of Something Knows the Moment and other collections


These poems of memory also move forward.  The poems/prayers (you can really use them interchangeably) speak to the pull of the past, the eye that looks toward the future and the power we all have because, as Losse puts it, “happiness is a choice.”  —Jessie Carty, author of Paper House and Fat Girl


This chapbook takes me back to my childhood in the best way possible; it fills the gaps that time has erased and warms me. Helen Losse says it best in one of her poems, “there’s nothing like life in the firefly shadows.”  —Pris Campbell, author of five poetry collections


Helen Losse’s unique talent explores the most important elements of life’s journey. When I read her poems and connect spiritually with her vision, it gives me a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it means to be here, in the present day, with a look back at what created our current reality.  Gifted poets help us paint emotional passageways that enable us to create our own personal roadmaps through the twists and turns of our universal experiences.

—Val MacEwan, editor/publisher of The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature


Thanks to everyone who has already bought a copy.

I’m busy preparing for Words Awake!  I’ll be on a poetry panel at 9:00 am, reading poetry at 3:15, and selling copies of Mansion of Memory all day at the Winston-Salem Writers booth.

Please join us.  It’s free.

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