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Many thanks  to thank the editors and publishers at Women’s Voices for Change for selecting my  poem “Evergreen Today” (from Seriously Dangerous) to be featured in their Poetry Sunday column.

2012 Best of the Net Nominations

Poetry Editor Helen Losse has submitted the following poets and their poems published in the Dead Mule to the 2012 Best of the Net.  Congratulations to all.

Cathy Smith Bowers – “A Book a Day” – published April 2012

Norvin Dickerson – “NASCAR Poet” – published October 2011

Shenan Hahn – “To the Coyote on the Side of the Interstate” – published February 2012 (scroll down)

Michael Evan Parker – “Old Woman Sweeping” – published June 2012

 Tim Peeler – “Drive-In 48” – published April 2012 (scroll down)

 Staci R. Schoenfeld – “World Wide Web” – published March 2012


While I was gone to visit my family in Joplin, MO,

I had two poems, “There’s “nothing new under the sun,” and Rail fanning,” published in Rusty Truck

Val made sure our poems from 16 poets came up correctly on The Dead Mule


I had a poetry reading in Joplin.

Featured Poet

Popcorn and Poetry

Dining Room

Foxberry Terrace

4316 N. St Louis Avenue

Webb City, MO 64870

Friday, August 3, 2012 2:30 pm

Now we’re back.  Do poets ever rest?  🙂

I have four new poems in Thunder Sandwich #27, thanks to editor Jim Chandler.

Other poems in this issue are by Dead Mule poets Carter Monroe, Harry Calhoun, and Cousin Curtis Dunlap.

My poem, ” Part of the cross,” was published in Clementine Issue 5.

Thanks to editor Jeffery Berg.

I’ll be reading from and selling copies of Mansion of Memory this Friday May 18 at 7 pm at Poetry Lincolnton.


$11.  All profits go to Bright Futures Joplin Tornado Fund.  Please join us, if you are in the area.

Bill and I went to Raleigh yesterday for the purpose of me reading at Royal Bean Coffee House to promote Mansion of Memory.  The monthly reading, headed by Maureen Sherbondy and co-sponsored by Main Street Rag, put us in touch with a great group of writers.  And I sold five copies of my chapbook.

I still have copies, so let me know, if you want one.


While we were in Raleigh, we decided to take in a few sights.  First we went to the North Carolina Museum of Art.  We’d been there before but not for several years and my, has the gallery grown.  There are two new buildings in which the permanent collection is displayed.  We understand they opened about two years ago, but they were new to us.  One houses modern art and the other more historical and classical pieces, some by very famous artists.  There is an entire section devoted to Rodin.

Later we slipped in to Scared Heart Cathedral.  Not large by cathedral standards, this church had lovely stained glass windows and three dimensional carvings for the Stations of the Cross.  We also drove through Historic Oakwood and located rails and the Amtrac Station.  After that, it was time to head to Royal Bean.

A good but tiring day!

I have a poem, “Knowing poetry is everywhere,” and an interview in the May (Flower Issue) of Flutter Poetry Journal.  Thanks to editor Sandy Benitez.

I have a new poem, “Captured Moment,” in the May issue of THRUSH.  Thanks to editor, Helen Vitoria.

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