“We all live in danger of believing the lie that we are not enough like God as we are and that something other than God will give us what we need to feel full and free. But we also live ever compelled back to God by our Eden instincts, remembering who we once were when we lived naked and unashamed. So we are ever fighting to come out of hiding and stand before our God when he comes after us, looking for us even in our sin and shame.”

—from the book When We Were Eve: Uncovering the Woman God Created You to Be by Colleen C. Mitchell


“Without a doubt, obedience is more meritorious than any other penance. And what greater penance can there be than keeping one’s will continually submissive and obedient?”

— St. Catherine of Bologna


“So, if God has not resolved to cast His work back into nothingness forever, if this earth, sanctified by the footsteps of Christ, is destined, once radiant and renewed, to remain forever, then man must rise again in a future life to reconquer its scepter and kingship. Hence, once more, it follows that death means not ruin but restoration. If God has decreed that our earthly abode shall one day be dissolved, it is not for the purpose of despoiling us of it, but to render it subtle, immortal, serene. His aim may be compared to that of an architect, says St. John Chrysostom, who has the inhabitants leave his house for a short period, in order to have him return with greater glory to that same house, now rebuilt in greater splendor.”

—  Fr. Charles Arminjon