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“Culture connects us to a history, not merely as an assortment of past facts, but as an evaluative means of remembering. Culture enables us to remember and be remembered—to connect with the larger set of human wisdom through which we find a way to live in the truth. In theological terms, this is called anamnesis, the recollection, particularly in the Eucharistic Prayer, in which we draw our own lives back into the tradition of faith and recognize that our worship in each particular service is continuous with the worship that has gone before us….the work of local culture has this kind of sacramental nature for him. Culture enables the healing by which “the scattered members come together” and “the holy enters the world.”

–from the book: Wendell Berry and the Given Life


“The works of God are not accomplished when we wish them, but whenever it pleases Him.”

— St. Vincent de Paul


“If the soul will analyze the desire it has of happiness, and the idea of happiness that presents itself to it, it will find that the object of this idea and of this desire is only and can only be God. This is the impression that the soul bears in the depths of its nature; this is what reason will teach it if it will only reflect a little, and this is what neither prejudice nor passion can ever entirely efface.”

— Fr. Jean Nicholas Grou