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“Let us never forget that if we wish to die like the saints we must live like them.”

— St. Théodore Guérin


“He that sacrifices to God his property by alms-deeds, his honor by bearing insults, or his body by mortifications, by fasts and penitential rigours, offers to Him a part of himself and of what belongs to him; but he that sacrifices to God his will, by obedience, gives to Him all that he has, and can say: Lord, having given you my will, I have nothing more to give you.”

— St. Alphonsus Liguori


Leave the Judging to God

“Saint Elizabeth is known as Isabel the Peacemaker, and it’s no wonder. Her intervention led to the end of a feud between her brother, the king of Aragon, and her son-in-law, the king of Castile. Elizabeth also accepted her philandering husband, King Denis of Portugal, as he was, and she raised his children born to other women. When Denis and their son Alfonso were at war with each other, she was the one who convinced them to resolve the dispute. After Denis died, Elizabeth moved to a convent she had helped found. 

It’s difficult not to take sides in family disputes. It also can be difficult in our heart of hearts to accept children from a spouse’s prior relationships in the same way we love the ones we bear. Elizabeth’s example reminds us of God’s counsel to love all, and leave the judging to him.”

 –from the book Sisterhood of Saints