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“In the Eucharist Christ offers his Body and Blood as food under the signs of bread and wine. The bread we eat and the cup we drink is truly Jesus Christ. Yes, it is Jesus. It is his real presence. He is present to us in many ways. The Eucharist is his most powerful and intense presence. It is always worthwhile, especially in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, to spend some time meditating and focusing on what truly happens at the Eucharist.”

–from the book Meeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life


To love God’s will in consolations is a good love when it is truly God’s will we love and not the consolation wherein it lies. Still, it is a love without opposition, repugnance, or effort. Who would not love so worthy a will in so agreeable a form? To love God’s will in His commandments, counsels, and inspirations is the second degree of love and it is much more perfect. It carries us forward to renounce and give up our own will, and enables us to abstain from and forbear many pleasures, but not all of them. To love suffering and affliction out of love for God is the summit of most holy charity. In it nothing is pleasant but the divine will alone; there is great opposition on the part of our nature; and not only do we forsake all pleasures, but we embrace torments and labors.”

— St. Francis de Sales