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“The core task of all good spirituality is to teach us to “cooperate” with what God already wants to do and has already begun to do. In fact, nothing good or life-giving would even enter our minds unless in the previous moment God had already “moved” within us.”  – Richard Rohr

I knew months ago that I was supposed to pray for priests and had been doing so all those months.  I pray for priests, especially those in my parish, every day.

The message had become stronger in recent weeks, so I began a Sunday morning rosary for priests. (I go to Mass on Saturdays.)

Joining Marys Sons was a natural outgrowth of what God was already doing in my life. My prayers will be joined with others who also pray for priests and serve them in other ways, when needed.

Today I will pray on the kneelers for five seminarians, Deacons Peter Ascik, Christian Cook, Matthew Bean, Brian Becker and Christopher Bond, who will soon become priests.


“Jesus showed us the ultimate mercy on the cross when he suffered and died to forgive our sins and welcome us into heaven, as Saint Paul says, “while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). Jesus didn’t wait for us to become saints before he made this consummate act of love. “

-from The Church Is Our Mother


“Build an oratory within yourself, and there have Jesus on the altar of your heart. Speak to Him often while you are doing your work. Speak to Him of His holy love, of His holy sufferings and of the sorrows of most holy Mary.”

— St Paul of the Cross


“Consider not only that God your benefactor is present but also that He acts continuously in all His creatures. And for whom is this continual action, this work of God in nature? For you. Thus, He lights you by the light of day; He nourishes you with the productions of the earth; in a word, He serves you by each one of the creatures that you use; so that it is true to say that at every moment the bounty, the wisdom and the power of God are at your service and are exercised in the world for your wants or pleasures. This conduct of God toward man should be the model of your conduct toward God. You see that the presence of God in His creatures is never idle; it acts incessantly, it preserves, it governs. Beware, then, of stopping at a sterile contemplation of God present in yourself. Add action to contemplation; to the sight of the Divine presence add the faithful accomplishment of the Divine will.”

— St. Ignatius

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