St. Thomas Becket, English martyr, pray for us!

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“Oh Jesus, I am full of gratitude that you have taught me about your real presence and the joy that comes from spending time with you. Give me the grace to be faithful, because the most important thing in my life is to surrender to you and know you better. Teach me to serve others—to give my time and resources to those in need. Let me lose myself and find you.”

-from A Eucharistic Christmas 


“The human soul has so much likeness to God its creator that I surely know of no other way by which one can more easily mount to a knowledge of God than from reflection on one’s own soul.”

— St. Robert Bellarmine


“Since we are all one in Christ, we must maintain fraternal charity, which binds us together in peace, and work in harmony for the common good. We are all members of Christ, reborn in baptism by the grace of the Holy Spirit, redeemed by the Passion of Christ, cleansed by the blood of Christ, and nourished by the body of Christ. Furthermore, we are instructed by the words of Christ, confirmed by the miracles of Christ, and guided by the examples of Christ. My brothers, why then would you wish to hurt one another? Whoever injures another, by word or deed, also offends Christ, who will avenge and punish the evil done unless the guilty one quickly amends his ways.”

— Thomas à Kempis