“This Christmas, step outside your four walls. Take a walk in the snow, have a romp with a puppy, feed the birds, or marvel at the stars. Remember that the world God created for you is quite a bit nicer than the one you’ve created for yourself.”

-from A Franciscan Christmas


“Every pious desire, every good thought, every charitable work inspired by the love of Jesus, contributes to the perfection of the whole body of the faithful. A person who does nothing more than lovingly pray to God for his brethren, participates in the great work of saving souls.”

— Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich


“Learn to be humble by doing all the humble work and doing it for Jesus. You cannot learn humility from books; you learn it by accepting humiliations. Humiliations are not meant to torture us; they are gifts from God. These little humiliations—if we accept them with joy—will help us to be holy, to have a meek and humble heart like Jesus.”

— Blessed Teresa of Calcutta