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“Through his humanity, Jesus was able to reveal the singular destiny of all women and men. He offered himself as both the concrete sign of this destiny and the means of achieving it. By entering under the roof of human history, Jesus came to us exactly where we lay ill and gave his own life as the cure for our fallen condition.”

-from The Little Way of Advent


“He who carries God in his heart bears heaven with him wherever he goes.”

— St. Ignatius of Loyola


“Little by little, we can make our daily life more and more prayerful, as we are able, over time, to incorporate those suggestions that work with our schedule and that we are ready for spiritually. There is a particular spiritual practice that Francis [de Sales] highly recommends that is possible for all of us: even on those ‘impossible’ days when we are perhaps unable to undertake our normal spiritual practices, we can stay rooted in prayer by constantly addressing brief prayers to the Lord. These can be acts of love, of adoration, of faith, of hope, of petition, or simply saying the name of Jesus—throughout the course of the day. Francis places a very high value on these simple utterances, traditionally called ejaculatory prayers or aspirations.”

— Ralph Martin