“The Lord manifests Himself to those who stop for some time in peace and humility of heart. If you look in murky and turbulent waters, you cannot see the reflection of your face. If you want to see the face of Christ, stop and collect your thoughts in silence, and close the door of your soul to the noise of external things.”

— St. Anthony of Padua


“All, however, cannot attain to the same degree of sacrifice. There are chosen souls whom God has raised above the ordinary callings of life, who, true to their vocation, show their love for God in heroic self-denial, in total surrender to His will, exulting in the use of all their powers to spread His kingdom. But regardless of disparity of calling, all can be led by the same spirit. It is the spirit, not the measure, of sacrifice that will decide our eternity.”

— John A. Kane


“Every person is your brother, your sister. By acknowledging our companions around the table of the Lord, members of his body, we honor Christ as well. Our unity must not be merely theological, but real, as together we turn to worship God, the source of all love.”

–from Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta