Jesus helps us to see more clearly. It’s when we do God’s work that our heart finds its true home. It’s when we help feed the hunger of others, share our resources with those in need, and replace our selfishness for the selflessness modeled by Jesus that we begin to recognize the true faith we seek.”

–from God Is Not Fair


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“Above all, it is necessary to ask of God every morning the gift of perseverance, and to beg of the Blessed Virgin to obtain it for you, and particularly in the time of temptation, by invoking the name of Jesus and Mary as long as the temptation lasts. Happy the man who will continue to act in this manner, and shall be found so doing when Jesus Christ shall come to judge him. ‘Blessed is that servant, whom, when his Lord shall come, he shall find so doing’ (Matt. 24:46).”


— St. Alphonsus De Liguori