“We’re called to seek first God’s kingdom. Jesus, once again, continually reminds us that if we want to save our life we must lay it down and put others first. As followers of Christ, we believe we are in the world but not of the world; we like to think that we have our priorities in order.”

-from Beyond Me, My Selfie & I


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“As we have seen, there is sometimes a big difference between what God is actually asking of us, and what we imagine he is asking. We won’t have the grace to do what God is not asking of us. But for what he is asking, he has promised us his grace: God grants what he commands. When God inspires us to do something (if it really is God who is the source of the inspiration), at the same time he supplies the ability to do it, even if it is beyond our capacity or scares us at the start. Every motion that comes from God brings both the light to understand what God intends, and the strength to accomplish it: light that illuminates the mind, and strength that gives power to the will.”

— Fr. Jacques Philippe