“The best way to fight this self-centeredness, of course, is by cultivating the virtue of humility, which is the opposite of self-centeredness. Humility helps us keep our ego in check by recognizing our faults, shortcomings, and our constant need for the mercy and love of God. Humility reminds us that there is a God and it’s not us.”

-from Beyond Me, My Selfie & I


“We must all grow in a clear conviction of our duty to be holy as Jesus is holy. Holiness is one of the most beautiful gifts a human heart can offer to God. We should serve Jesus in his poor by doing for them the things we would like to do for him. This is where sanctity is hidden for us: In knowing Jesus, in loving Jesus, and in serving Jesus in the people around us. If we do this, we will become professionals in holiness.”

— St.Teresa of Calcutta


“….I would name salvation as simply the readiness, the capacity, and the willingness to stay in relationship. As long as you show up with some degree of vulnerability, the Spirit can keep working. Self-sufficiency makes God experience impossible. Please trust me on that. That’s why Jesus shows up in this world as a naked, vulnerable one—a defenseless baby. Talk about utter relationship! Naked vulnerability means I’m going to let you influence me; I’m going to allow you to change me. The Way of Jesus is an invitation to a Trinitarian way of living, loving, and relating—on earth as it is in the Godhead. We are intrinsically like the Trinity, living in an absolute relatedness. To stand outside of this flow is to live within the deepest meaning of sin.

We call this flow love.

We really were made for love; outside of it we die very quickly.”

— Richard Rohr