“Send your Spirit, Lord, and bid him hover. Stay over me; cover me. In the shadow of your love, I can find the courage. I can say yes. I will be a cradle of grace, and I will sing with gladness. I will call you Christ, Messiah, Most High, and I will let you be magnified in my soul.”

-from Who Does He Say You Are?


Come, Holy Spirit, and renew my life!

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“The Creator of the universe awaits the prayer of one poor little person to save a multitude of others, redeemed like her at the price of His Blood.”

— St. Therese of Lisieux


“God never caused the virtues and singular merit of Joseph to shine with greater splendor than when He said to him by the mouth of the angel, ‘Take the Child and His mother’ (Matt. 2:13, 20); for in them He committed to him His most precious treasures, giving him thus the preference over all the blessed spirits of Heaven; and Joseph received these two sacred persons into his care, to be their protector, their guardian, and defender.”

— Edward Healy Thompson