“In the middle of the night of the many ‘nights’ of so many sins which we commit, there is always that caress of the Lord, which seems to say, ‘This is my glory.’”

-from Pope Francis Takes the Bus and Other Unexpected Stories


“For true hearts there is no separating ocean; or, rather, God is their ocean, in Whom they meet and are united; they love, and lose themselves in Him and in each other.”

— St. Théodore Guérin


“[The] ultimate end of man we call beatitude. For a man’s happiness or beatitude consists in the vision whereby he sees God in His essence. Of course, man is far below God in the perfection of his beatitude. For God has this beatitude by His very nature, whereas man attains beatitude by being admitted to a share in the divine light.”

— St. Thomas Aquinas


Everything I do today will be for the greater glory of God!

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