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Our suffering thrusts us deep into the heart of the Trinity, the most complete and true form of love that exists. The love between God the Father and God the Son is a love so selfless and so real that it has to be expressed in its own complete person, the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

-from Ask The Bible Geek


“When we appeal to the throne of grace we do so through Mary, honoring God by honoring His Mother, imitating Him by exalting her, touching the most responsive chord in the Sacred Heart of Christ with the sweet name of Mary.”

— St. Robert Bellarmine


“No one denies that Jesus Christ is our only mediator of justice, and that he by his merits has obtained our reconciliation with God. But, on the other hand, it is impious to assert that God is not pleased to grant graces at the intercession of his saints, and more especially of Mary his mother, whom Jesus desires so much to see loved and honored by all. Who can pretend that the honor bestowed on a mother doesn’t redound to the honor of the son? For this reason St. Bernard says, ‘We must not imagine that we obscure the glory of the Son by the great praise we lavish on the mother; for the more she is honored, the greater is the glory of her Son.'”

— St. Alphonsus Liguori