“The Holy Family consisted of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, not just Jesus alone. For the family to be complete, it was necessary to have Joseph the carpenter alongside the greatness of Jesus and the spotlessness of Mary. So too, in our churches, several people may be very capable but they do not make up the community. We need others to complete the team.”

-from Thirsting for God


“God gives prayer growth precisely according to our degree of readiness for it. He forces no one. According as we are more or less receptive, He bestows more or less depth of communion. In the same manner, five hundred people in a parish church all hear the same sound waves during the homily, but they profit from it exactly as they are or are not disposed for the message. Jesus taught the same truth in his parable of the sower: from the word of God some hearers yield nothing at all, while others yield thirty or sixty or a hundredfold.”

— Fr. Thomas Dubay, p. 114