God, open our eyes to the truest meaning of bearing the name “Christ,” so that we too may strive to love as you love, while embracing the suffering that such true love entails. We offer our gratitude for the community formed that day beside the cross: formed out of great love, formed amid great suffering.

-from The Last Words of Jesus


“My prayer is that the good God may establish His absolute reign in your heart and in the hearts of all.”

— St. Julie Billiart


“Jesus will turn your sorrow into joy. One can only imagine the shock and bewilderment the Apostles felt when the Lord told them he must go away. Though they could not understand it at the time, his departure was for their benefit. The same is true of the unexpected setbacks and tragedies we experience in this life.  . . . When I consider the times when I have been confounded by events that seemed so contrary to what I thought God wanted for me, I should be mindful that they were permitted by the Lord’s inscrutable providence for my own good, as difficult as that might be to fathom.”

— Patrick Madrid