We spent the night without electrical power after a tree fell from the woods on the corner of Ransom and Wood Valley onto an electrical pole. Workers cut the tree that was blocking the intersection so that no one could leave or enter our subdivision within the hour. We ate a candlelight dinner of peanut butter and jelly on hot dog buns, American cheese slices, chips, and bananas before heading to bed at 8 pm. We had a wonderful night’s sleep and got power back about 9:30 this morning.

Thank you Duke Power workers.

And all the wile, God gave me the grace to have a positive attitude.


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An illness which throws life into a skid where all control is lost becomes a revelation and a blessing. A handicapped child seen as an inconvenience, a punishment or a shame can be rejected in various ways; then the family’s eyes are opened and they see the child as a gift of God that floods them with wonder and gratitude. The rejected stone becomes the foundation stone.

-from Sensing God