Our Father never grows tired of hearing our little voices speak to him in prayer, no matter what time it is. And he will never tune us out, no matter how stupid we think we sound. No need or request is too great for him to fulfill. He’s got the whole world and every aspect of our lives in the palm of his loving hands.

-from Zealous


“If we’re honest, culture forms us much more than the Gospel. It seems we have kept the basic storyline of human history in place rather than allow the Gospel to reframe and redirect the story. Except for those who have experienced grace at their core, Christianity has not created “a new mind” (Romans 12:2) or a “new self” (Ephesians 4:23-24) that is significantly different than the cultures it inhabited. The old, tired win/lose scenario seems to be in our cultural hard drive, whereas the experience of grace at the core of reality, which is much more imaginative and installs new win/win programs in our psyche, has been neglected and unrecognized by most of Christianity.”

from Mercy Before Judgement by Richard Rohr