Beyond Our Faults

As we really face our selfishness, as we really face our unjust angers, as we really face the grudges that we hold, as we really face the bitterness that is there, we don’t have to sweep it under the carpet. We can look at it and know that God loves us as we are and is willing to help us grow beyond these faults and failings.


Living the Gospels

It’s not just the matter of reading the Scriptures and getting beautiful thoughts. It’s also reading the Scriptures and being in touch with the Spirit in ourselves and in the words and having them change our lives. And no matter how bad we are, how far we have strayed from our true calling in Christ, they can change us. No matter how good we are, they can make us better.


Praying the Scriptures

We worship God, not the written words. But we reverence the words of God because they lead us to God himself. We pray.

-from The Gospels According to Saint Francis