Flesh Become Word – from Henri Nouwen’s Bread for the Journey

The word must become flesh, but the flesh also must become word.  It is not enough for us, as human beings, just to live.  We also must give words to what we are living.  If we do not speak what we are living, our lives lose their vitality and creativity.   When we see a beautiful view, we search for words to express what we are seeing.  When we meet a caring person, we want to speak about that meeting.  When we are sorrowful or in great pain, we need to talk about it.  When we are surprised by joy, we want to announce it!

Through the word, we appropriate and internalize what we are living.  The word makes our experience truly human.


Evangelization is always a two-way street. We might think that we’re the ones with the message, with the answers, with the Good News, and yet time and time again we discover that we learn as much from the people we’re with as we had when we began the conversation.

-from Pope Francis and our Call to Joy