“Losse’s imagery is concrete, her place intimate and casual. She attends to every single point of place; she creates a sense of space so intimate that the reader is brought into the moment of her vision…. We are touched by the depth and resonance of emotion; she speaks a kaleidoscope of memory and grief. We wonder at the balance of beauty and loss expressed in poems that seem to see beyond the visual.

Gypsy-hands hold ancient rivers,
but some wounds won’t

pass the test of time. Some of my wounds
hurry me on, toward eternity.

Is it darker than before?
–from “(Obsolete)Mare, The April Fragment Poem”

….Losse has a gift of expressing weight which has no measure. She paints images with roots;…”

Read more in “Lonely Nest: Helen Losse’s Facing a Lonely West and Ed Madden’s Nest in review,”  Best of Asheville Poetry Review, volume 21, no.1, 2014, issue 24. page 333.

Asheville Poetry Review

Review by Leanna Stead.