This sermon is a prime example of one of my strongest reasons for converting to Catholicism. “Love the Lord Thy God with all they heart,…” said Jesus, “and thy neighbor as thyself.” The Catholic Church does NOT confuse faith and works; it is NOT about either/or: it is both/and. Jesus would NOT pick one or the other. Jesus went to the Synagogue (as His Father told Jews to do and wants Christians to do today) and hung out with sinners (like those in church, who know they are sinners, and those on bars stools, who may or may not).

The Mass (Church) is the place which all present are taken to the Heavenly Marriage Feast of the Lamb (the wedding of Jesus and His Church) ). The holiest moment of the Mass is when the Priest says, “This is my body. This is my blood” and the bread and wine become literally Jesus. And the second most holy is when he says, “The Mass is ended.” At this time, believers leave church to enter the bar rooms of the world to testify of His love.