Heart Full of Grace

“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.”
—Martin Luther King Jr. February 4, 1968

With our eyes on humanity—not the prize—
we may say, the savior is not coming,
truth looks untrue.

And yet there is joy in the waiting
for the redemption that will come
to those who suffer in the service of the Lord.

Coretta Scott King died
on the day of the President’s speech,
and once again the sky looks gray—

like the day the bullet took her
famous husband down—
now with sibling fighting sibling.

When the bomb hit the porch in Montgomery,
Coretta cuddled an infant Yolanda.
And then Martin—whose cause was

our own cause—came home from the meeting
to calm the crowd with words of peace
that no movement had yet proven.

from Better With Friends