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“Our keenest desire is to come to know the Christ who, as a just judge, comes to us in mercy and humility, in communion with us with his Body and Blood. With Jesus, who first came among us as an infant, we wait for the fulfillment of that coming when God will become all in all.”

from Let Us Adore Him: Daily Reflections for Advent and Christmas by Richard Fragomeni


Death, a New Birth by Henri Nouwen

There comes a time in all our lives when we must prepare for death.  When we become old, get seriously ill, or are in great danger, we can’t be preoccupied simply with the question of how to get better unless “getting better” means moving on to a life beyond our death.   In our culture, which in so many ways is death oriented, we find little if any creative support for preparing ourselves for a good death.  Most people presume that our only desire is to live longer on this earth.   Still, dying, like giving birth, is a way to new life, and as Ecclesiastes says:  “There is a season for everything: … a time for giving birth, a time for dying” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-2).

We have to prepare ourselves for our death with the same care and attention as our parents prepared themselves for our births.

December 2014