I have a poem, “A mere sensation,” in the new issue of Right Hand Pointing.   Many thanks to editor Dale Wisely.

This poem was serendipitious ; it came about in a most unusual way – a way that has never happened to me before and most likely won’t ever again. I wrote “A mere sensation,” revised it, submitted it to Right Hand Pointing, and had it accepted for publication all the same day.

This is very unusual.  Writing is rewriting – revision.  And if a person doesn’t  like to revise, he/she really doesn’t  like to write. Yes, I revised this poem, but few revisions were needed, and the revisions came more quickly than usual.  It is smart to look for a litmag that needs a certain kind of poem –  a market where one’s poem fits.  That day Dale put out a call for poems like the one I had written.  And it is usual to wait for a reply.  Dale is quicker than most editors with both acceptances and rejections.  (Yes, he’s rejected poems of mine in the past.  He’s also accepted a few.)  So I went through the usual steps but the process was accelerated.