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I’m busy preparing for Words Awake!  I’ll be on a poetry panel at 9:00 am, reading poetry at 3:15, and selling copies of Mansion of Memory all day at the Winston-Salem Writers booth.

Please join us.  It’s free.

They forgot the God who had saved them, who had done great deeds in Egypt.”  Psalm 106:  21

Merton’s Voice:

If the salvation of society depends, in the long run, on the moral and spiritual health of individuals, the subject of contemplation becomes a vastly important one, since contemplation is one of the indications of spiritual maturity. …You cannot save the world merely with a system. You cannot have peace without charity. You cannot have social order without saints, mystics, and prophets.

Thomas Merton.  A Merton Reader, ed. by Thomas P.  McDonnell, (New York: Image Books, 1989): 375.