“With the most trying weekend of his oft-turbulent NASCAR career over, Kyle Busch got some answers about his future Monday.”  read more


Facing One’s Weakness
—for Kyle Busch

Yesterday the mother in me
wanted to kiss your young cheek
to remove your pain—

though I know you deserve to
pay the price for your own mistake
and learn the lesson you need.

Have you learned it?   And was it
strength or sadness I saw in you,
as you sat atop the #18 pit box?

Maybe it was both.  I’m certain it was
sobriety.  Everyone watching you on
camera knew what it means to “lose it,”
but not everyone wants to forgive.

Behind you stood the strength of God
in a man who shielded you from un-
answerable questions: the ones reporters

stupidly ask before NASCAR has fully
spoken & you are ready to consider your
answers.  I know that growing to maturity

involves facing how weak we really are.
Joe Gibbs knows this, too.  He knows,
often we learn life’s lessons in pain,

but not everyone’s pain is televised
from Texas Motor Speedway—
where sunglasses probably served you
as more than a shield from the sun.


Please keep Kyle Busch in your thoughts and prayers.