Bill and I left home Tuesday May 3 and returned last night about 10 pm,

and while we visited Bill’s family in Knoxville, TN and mine in Joplin, MO,

while we celebrated Mother’s Day and my Mother’s 90th Birthday, with High Tea (Thanks to Pam Howerton, Kim Jones, Amy DeArmond, and Amanda Stone)

while I read at the Main Street Rag Showcase at the Writer’s Place in Kansas City with Paul Corman-Roberts (Thanks to Shawn Pavey)

while we chased trains and traveled home,

the Winston-Salem Journal ran a feature article in Relish on me and the publication of my new book Seriously Dangerous, (Thanks to free lance writer Andrea Brill)

Willows Wept Review published my poem, “What People Do,”    (Thanks to editor Troy Urquhart)

Rusty Truck published two poems, “The egg that flew out of the bush,” and “Ode to Niceness, Low & High,”    (Thanks to editor Scot Young.)

The Wild Goose Poetry Review published a poem, “Of Summer Lovers, Winter Storm-Clouds,”  (Thanks to editor Scott Owens) and the first full length review of Seriously Dangerous by a literary magazine, (Thanks to reviewer-poet Nancy Posey)

and I was invited to read (as one two featured writers) at Flyleaf Books in Chapel Hill on August 11.  (Thanks to Stan Absher and Debra Kaufman).   YES!

Life is good,

and while we were gone, the earth did not stand still.  Imagine that.  🙂