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Merton’s Voice:

Faith, then, is not only capable of penetrating the intimate substance of God’s Truth, but it is an immediately redemptive knowledge of God. It “saves” us. Its light is more than a ray of speculation: it confers life. The awakening of faith not only gives light to the understanding and peace to the will: it transforms a man’s whole moral being. He becomes a new creature. He is born again.

Merton, Thomas. The Ascent to Truth. (New York: Harvest/ HBJ Books, 1981) 267

Psalm 7: 10

God is my shield who saves the upright of heart


“Lord God, I take refuge in you.” (Psalm 7)

Nouwen’s Voice:

When you feel very upset and angry, your fears prompt you to lash out, to condemn or to take revenge…Learn to wait and to listen from the communion that you experience with God. learn to become like the God who loves you with all your darkness and all your radiant beauty.