Somehow it seems a bit ironic—in a country that prides itself with the right to own and carry weapons—that Congress needs to concern itself with injuries from big bags.  If “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” then bags don’t kill people either.

But  Congressman Dan Lipinski (D- Ill) wants Congress to rule on the size of airplane carry-ons.  “Supporters of the proposal say jumbo bags are a safety hazard that could cause injury if they tumble from the overhead bin. And they’re unfair to the final passengers to board, who often find no room left for their own carry-ons.”  Read more

And this from a Democrat.    How about ruling to give passengers enough room for legs and a decent sized bag, since one never knows just how long he/she might be stuck on  plane and need something to do, important medications,  or an extra roll of toilet paper?  Or limit the size and number of guns one can have?  Or pass Obama’s Health Care package?