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Lately I ‘ve spent a lot of time networking on Facebook, and my blog statistics reflect my negligence of this blog.   So what to do?

I like the format here: the ease of posting and the fact that entries can be quite long.  But with so many news readers doing the work, people seldom  just drop by.    On the other hand, short entries on Facebook get responses.

No one actually thinks it is important that I bought two containers of the same kind of ice cream  (rather than two kinds), but as a result of the comment there was lots of joking with folks I hadn’t talked to since high school.  But does it matter?  Do I have anything in common with these folks now?   Will actual friendships form?

As I’ve said before, I began this blog to showcase my writing and the writing of my friends.  And I joined Facebook to network with other writers.  Along the way, I’ve “met” some great people who I wouldn’t have known except for the internet.  People can argue all day about whether or not these are “friendships,” but I have learned form these people just as surely as I learn from a book I read.  No one questions my relationship to the author.  So why cyber friends?

And as to meeting people on the web, I have.  A number of writers that I now know in person I first “met” through Facebook or e-mail.  Even a couple through a list serve and my blog.

One such person is poet  Scott Owens of Hickory.  I first “met” Scott when I was referred to him as the “Visiting Writer” who could provide student poems for the Dead Mule.  Our friendship has grown immensely since that time, and my life is richer because of that friendship.  Scott knows how to network, and he shares what (and whom) he knows. I try to return the favor.  After all, isn’t friendship about sharing?

I think it is.  And this week I had a review of Scott’s book The Fractured World published in the August 2009 issue of  The Centrifugal Eye.


But don’t read only my review.  Scott has three poems in this issue.  Read them, too. And buy Scott’s book.

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