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Why must we go out to the far ends of the world to preach the Gospel of Jesus when people do not have to know Jesus in order to enter the house of God? We must go out because we want to share with all people the abundant love and hope, joy and peace that Jesus brought to us. We want to “proclaim the unfathomable treasure of Christ” and “throw light on the inner workings of the mystery kept hidden through all ages in God, the creator of everything” (Ephesians 3:8-9).

What we have received is so beautiful and so rich that we cannot hold it for ourselves but feel compelled to bring it to every human being on earth.


Thanks to Jessie Carty for videotaping this event.

Thanks to Jessie Carty for videotaping this event

A number of my friends are poets. And last night a number of them gathered in Hickory for the Dead Mule Roundup. Thanks to poets Scott Owens, Terry Lowenstein, Felicia Mitchell, Terri Kirby Erickson, Jessie Carty, Trisha Hart, and Tim Peeler for giving great readings.

We all read in this order (me following Scott) and still had time for a second round of one poems each. Round. Roundup. Get it? 🙂

The Wild Goose Poetry Review has published its Summer Issue. In this issue, read poetry from Debra Kaufman, Jenn Blair, Bob Caldwell, Pris Campbell, Ann Fox Chandonnet, Peggy Gambill, Kathryn Jacobs, Tony Leuzzi, Helen Losse, Deborah T. McGinn, Paul Nelson, Tim Peeler, Frank C. Praeger, David Rigsbee, Shawn Sorensen, Elizabeth Swann, Dennis Vannatta, Earl J. Wilcox, Deanna Mullins, Jeni Conklin, Jacob Gryder, Houa Lee, Graham Ponder, and Keegan Blankenship.

It seems that poetry happens no matter what else is going on.

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