So I begin again in solitude
on the morning of the first day in January.

The sky is dark, and the Christmas tree not
yet removed.  Gently the rain starts falling,

making the trunks of the back-yard trees
barely visible.  A light shines in a window.

An American flag on a pole
blows in the breeze.  The pole is beside the house

across the right of way.  I’ve not noticed that flag
before.   Perhaps, it’s a Christmas flag.  One our

neighbors got as a gift, and just now—
in the new year—found the time to install.

When the wind stops blowing, the flag disappears,
and all I see is a yard full of trees.  So did

anything change while I slept? I
imagine a garden with a wrought iron gate.

The gate opens to a world in which
John Lennon is a younger man.  I see, too,

the famous “Godfather of Soul,”
humming to yellow roses:

Humming the prayer of my heart:
O my God, to see.



Better With Friends
Rank Stranger Press (2009)
$14.00 (plus $2.50 S & H)

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Helen Losse
2569 Wood Valley Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

All copies will be signed.

Better With Friends is a book of poetry that explores the intersections of memory (factual and embellished), dreams (daydreams and night dreams), reverie, and prayer, so that all of one’s thoughts can be envisioned as prayer. Although the book has strong spiritual overtones, it is not a religious book nor a book of poetic devotions. The events that serve as story in the poems make possible a life in which one can “pray without ceasing” (II Thessalonians 5:17) through the bad and the good.