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Nic Sebastian of Very Like a Whale has interviewed me as a part of her third ten questions series of interviews about poetry.  This series deals with the opinions and habits of poetry editors, and I was asked to participate because I am the Poetry Editor for The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

The Mule was begun in 1995 by Valerie MacEwan as a print magazine under a grant from the North Carolina Arts Council. It soon become an online only literary magazine. I joined the Mule staff in 2005 as a Poetry Co-Editor and became Poetry Editor in 2007.  Since then, poetry submissions at the Mule have increased.

Read all about it.  Ten Questions for Poetry Editors – Helen Losse.

The Dead Mule Barn

We love our Mule.

Thanks to Nic Sebastian for the interview.

EDIT:  Oh, by the way,  Nic Sebastian has been in the Mule.  Read her poems here.

SECOND EDIT:  See also, or Why I love Val.


Last week Nic interviewed Steve Schroeder.  And look for interviews with eight  other poetry editors in weeks to come.

Coming up (once a week on Tuesdays):

Susan Culver, editor of Lily and Poetry Friends
Justin Evans, editor of Hobble Creek Review
Paul Stevens, editor of The Shit Creek Review, The Chimaera and The Flea
Nicolette Bethel, editor of Tongues of the Ocean
James Midgley, editor of Mimesis
Reb Livingston, editor of No Tell Motel
Kate Bernadette Benedict, editor of Umbrella
Christine Klocek-Lim, editor of Autumn Sky Poetry
John Wang, editor of  Juked
Mary Biddinger, editor of Barn Owl Review
Edward Byrne, editor of Valparaiso Poetry Review

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