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In February 2006, when I first began this blog and named it “Windows Toward the World,”  I was busy at work on a book manuscript by the same name.  Later I changed the manuscript name to Prayer In the Fog and other slight variations of that title.  After a number of friends helped me shape the poems and the manuscript, I shopped it under that title since September 2007.   Recently—just prior to the death of our friend Paul Cherenzia—I changed the poem title to Better With Friends to match the poem written for him.

Now after weeks of hard work—haggling over details, considering how many copies to print and price per book, selecting and sitting for photographs, collecting blurbs, etc.—I am happy to announce that Better With Friends will be published by Rank Stranger Press.

Information about release date will be forthcoming.

EDIT:  Information concerning pre-orders coming soon.

Our hearts and minds desire clarity. We like to have a clear picture of a situation, a clear view of how things fit together, and clear insight into our own and the world’s problems. But just as in nature colors and shapes mingle without clear-cut distinctions, human life doesn’t offer the clarity we are looking for. The borders between love and hate, evil and good, beauty and ugliness, heroism and cowardice, care and neglect, guilt and blamelessness are mostly vague, ambiguous, and hard to discern.

It is not easy to live faithfully in a world full of ambiguities. We have to learn to make wise choices without needing to be entirelysure.

Emphasis mine

March 2009