Big developments in the anti-death penalty movement!

•    On March 18, 2009 the state of New Mexico joined 14 other states and the District of Columbia in abolishing the death penalty!  That makes a solid 30% of states in the U.S.A. that have recognized the potential for uncorrectable mistakes, the high economic and moral costs and the prejudiced application of this practice of state killing.  As reported by the Zimbabwe Star “ten other states are considering bills to abolish the death penalty, and much of the debate centres around the risks of executing the innocent and the death penalty’s high financial costs.”
•    From the Moratorium now! Campaign: “We are excited to report that SCS/SB 321-which would create a death-penalty study commission-is on the Missouri Senate’s Formal Calendar.”

Meanwhile, on the Battlefront:

Last Week (03/16/09–03/22/09)

03/19    Phillip Hartford, Alabama !!!STAY ISSUED!!! to allow adjudication of lethal injection suit

03/20    Dwayne Woods, Washington  !!STAY ISSUED!!! to allow further appeals

This week (03/23/09–03/29/09)

03/26    Ronald Puksar, Pennsylvania !!!STAY ISSUED!!! to allow further appeals

Next Week (03/30/09-04/05/09)

04/01    Richard Boxley, Pennsylvania  scheduled, but likely stay for further appeals

for more information go to The Armband Protest Agaisnt the Death Penalty