The Spring* NASCAR** race***
at Bristol,**** and this year,*****
tickets****** were******* available. Tempting,********
but we********* decided not to go.**********
Remember*********** Kurt Busch************
snow-angeling************on the finish line,**************
checkered flag*************** in hand,****************
that year*****************more than thunder******************
entered Thunder Valley.*******************

* March 20 is the first day of Spring this year

** National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (for more see Wikipedia)

***  A test of motor and driver to see who goes the fastest, endures the longest, and, ultimately, finishes before the others do.

****  Bristol lies on the Tennessee/ Virginia border.   The racetrack is in TN.

***** 2009

****** for definition see

******* It is now too close to the beginning of the race to purchase tickets.

********We’d like to see a race at Bristol.

********* Bill and I

*********** Good decision, two days after the end of winter, present temperature 46, high expected 59, haven’t checked the pollen count

*********** or think back

************ 2004 Champion (Winston Cup)

*************  see picture above

************** This is the physical line where the race ends.  First car here wins.

***************  The winner of the race takes the “checkered flag.”  You will see the flag in Kurt’s hand.

**************** For “What constitutes a hand?” see Wikipedia.

*****************  2006

******************  playful snow flurries

*******************  a nickname for the racetrack at Bristol, not to be confused with the “Valley of the  Jolly- HOHOHO – Green Giant.”  🙂


And now a message* from the aforementioned:

* just like NASCAR  🙂 I only wish they were my sponsor.**

**a company that paid money to me.