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Dear Mr. President-Elect:

I hear you are about to select a First Dog. Okay.

But surely you realize there are American Cat People and that many of us supported you in your campaign for the Presidency. Cat People are to Dog People what Democrats are to Republicans.

The Electoral College has spoken; You are to be the 44th President of all Americans. (Cat People and Dog People.) So while the selection of a First Dog is important, surely you can see why the inclusion of a First Cat is equally weighty.

Since it seems you have overlooked this important segment of society, or at least the liberal mainstream news has failed to report any such action, I suggest you divert your attention to this matter in a timely manner. I implore you not to wait. The consequences of waiting will result in upheaval beyond your imagination. Why even the current President had a First Cat.

America is teeming with Cat People, and we love our cats as fervently as Dog People love their dogs. We are not an insignificant minority, although not every American has the confidence in you that I have.

This is my fervent plea; Select a First Cat in a timely manner. Don’t make us Cat People send a lobby to Washington.

Helen Losse, Spokesperson
The Committee of American Cat People for the Selection of a Current First Cat of America

P. S.  If you find yourself in a sticky time constraint, the Committee will be happy to suggest names. You will find Cat People are loyal Americans.

UPDATE: If Obama thinks the dog search was difficult, he better brace himself for the search for First Cat of America.

January 2009