Please wear a black arm or wrist band today, 10/28/2008, in silent protest of the execution of Eric Nenno by the state of Texas. Mr. Nenno is scheduled to be poisoned tonight for the 1995 murder of Nicole Benton.

Eric Nenno is a pedophile, accused of fondling children prior to this case and now convicted of this crime. Recidivism is highest for this behavior and it is considered an incurable psychological disease by the American Psychiatric Association. Mr. Nenno also showed little understanding of the morality of his actions, telling police after failing a lie detector test that he guessed the victim was “still up in the attic,” where she had been in fact for two days. It is clear that Mr. Nenno needs treatment, not killing! Texas must stay this execution to allow time to treat Eric Nenno for this serious disease.

Thanks for all you do to abolish the death penalty in the United States of America!

emphasis mine

UPDATE:  October 29

Eric Nenno has been executed.