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Amidst all the political hatred, in which some Christians are acting worse than others and on a day when John McCain spoke to his followers about their disgusting behavior toward Barack Obama, I found a blog entry that made a great deal of sense. In an entry entitled, “Let God Reign (A plea to my brethren) E. Micol writes,

“We have entered the realm where old wounds are being re-opened. We should have sensitivity, by remaining aware of America’s bloody, divisive past. As much as I wish that reality were completely behind us, I am reminded by images of angry crowds at recent McCain rallies yelling ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Kill him,’ ‘Bomb Obama…’ I have seen reports from a variety of sources where the racial mocking and threats to Obama’s safety have been heightened by openly suspicious questioning: ‘Who is Barack Obama-REALLY?’

Deep-seeded anger, resentment, hostilities and FEAR mixed with ignorance is the dark side of a ‘gurgling cauldron’ of what makes America’s melting pot truly free. Like free speech, we have free will, but how do we intend to use it? It’s fundamentally good vs. evil. How are these taunts seen as anything other than evil? How can Christians support and defend prejudice and bigotry? I have heard people whom I truly respect espouse the ‘fear of socialism,’ and then the argument descends to the ‘immigration issue’ where they are angry about Mexicans coming over the border…what? Lets just roll every ethnic stereotype into a tight ball and label it with the”socialism” catch phrase. That behavior appears to mirror the communist witch-hunts of McCarthyism. ”

. . .

I cannot help but recall the words of Jesus: …’Assuredly I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Entire segments of our society don’t believe that they are as important to Christian conservatives as a fetus, as long as racist beliefs are supported, encouraged and justified. I wish it were not so…

Christians out there, please stand against hatred, fear and ignorance-in your home, or even at your church. There is no place for these things in the Christian heart, where Jesus is supposed to reign.”

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Every Christian, like every other American, must vote his/her conscience, but when someone calls Obama the “anti-Christ” as I have seen on a blog I visit, I know racism is alive and well and that “the prince of the power of the air” is working overtime. Racism is alive and well in the USA. John McCain is not the enemy. Barack Obama is not the enemy. Ignorance and hatred are the enemies of peace. And ignorance abounds.

Please Christians, don’t allow rumors like this to remain on your blog or in your mind. Talk about the issues. But do not attempt to destroy good men or allow others to do so on your blog. God is still on the throne; He is watching.

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