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I have a new poem, “But Not From the Dark Side,” on Poetry Friends.

Thanks to editor Susan Culver.

Though Grace Abounds

Though grace abounds,
floats in earth’s swirling dust,

sparkling like golden stars,
when sunlight rushes through

an open door and falls onto
a wooden staircase,

and though angels ride
through this God-filled air,

I often let happiness enter
my own heart in guarded

reception through a curtained
window on the second floor,

and, even then, only
in level teaspoonfuls.

Though grace abounds,
inhabits the flotsam and rich

sea foam, beached with shells
and algae, rising again

on new waves, only to
repeat the cycle again,

and though angels ride
on the white-tipped waves

like goofy-footed skiers—
for even angels like to ski—

I often worry as though
none of this were true,

as though I’m responsible
for deciding just who to love,

or, at least, admitting I don’t
take the Good News literally.

Though grace abounds,
tunnels under the sea-water,

swims on its back, while
whales and dolphins blow

bubbles toward
the ocean’s surface,

and though underwater angels
are mistaken for mermaids,

who all wear blue or green,
rather than royal purple,

I often omit others from
my prayers, believing

I can decide who is and
isn’t worthy of love,

forgetting just who
God really is.