My dear friend Alice Parris has written an insightful essay concerning McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Parris suggests something I hadn’t thought of. Read on.

“Cindy McCain should be shaking in her boots,” writes Parris. “She is getting older and although I am certain that Governor Sarah Palin is above such things, McCain may not be above an ‘affair of the heart.’ How else can you explain meeting someone one time before asking them to step into the most powerful position in the world, should your aged-heart stop beating? His first wife was a beauty queen, until tragedy struck her, then, he replaced her (while still married) with the then, young, heiress Cindy McCain. There is never a public display of sincere affection between these two. You could not wipe the ebullient smile off of McCain’s face, as the pretty Governor Palin stood at his side.”

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Parris is known for her prophetic writing and poetry. Read “For a Fresh Gust of Sea-Wind” in the Dead Mule.