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walk on—

bodies bent, clothes
damp with sweat and rain,
shadows dark on the wall.

Perhaps, they have come
a long way, seeking. Perhaps,
they still have far to go.

Inspired by Tomas Karkalas’ digital photo “pilgrims

When we look critically at the many thoughts and feelings that fill our minds and hearts, we may come to the horrifying discovery that we often choose death instead of life, curse instead of blessing. Jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, greed, lust, vindictiveness, revenge, hatred … they all float in that large reservoir of our inner life. Often we take them for granted and allow them to be there and do their destructive work.

But God asks us to choose life and to choose blessing. This choice requires an immense inner discipline. It requires a great attentiveness to the death-forces within us and a great commitment to let the forces of life come to dominate our thoughts and feelings. We cannot always do this alone; often we need a caring guide or a loving community to support us. But it is important that we both make the inner effort and seek the support we need from others to help us choose life.

Poet Clare L. Martin has evacuated her home and gone to seek safety from Hurricane Gustav.

Martin is the author of “Growing Into Myself,” a mini-chapbook in the Dead Mule and was nominated for a Best of the Net 2008 award for her poem “Ice to Water.”

She has requested prayer for safety.

My dear friend Alice Parris has written an insightful essay concerning McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Parris suggests something I hadn’t thought of. Read on.

“Cindy McCain should be shaking in her boots,” writes Parris. “She is getting older and although I am certain that Governor Sarah Palin is above such things, McCain may not be above an ‘affair of the heart.’ How else can you explain meeting someone one time before asking them to step into the most powerful position in the world, should your aged-heart stop beating? His first wife was a beauty queen, until tragedy struck her, then, he replaced her (while still married) with the then, young, heiress Cindy McCain. There is never a public display of sincere affection between these two. You could not wipe the ebullient smile off of McCain’s face, as the pretty Governor Palin stood at his side.”

read entire article

Parris is known for her prophetic writing and poetry. Read “For a Fresh Gust of Sea-Wind” in the Dead Mule.

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